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About Pakistan Air Force PAF (Introduction)

Pakistani Air Force (PAF) is the air warfare unit of Pakistan Armed Forces formed in 1947 to protect and secure the aerial territory concerns for Pakistan. Its main task is to protect Pakistan’s airspace and support ground and naval forces of the country during joint military operation. The PAF has a number of commands and includes several operational and support divisions.

It flies a wide range of aircraft types such as fighter jets, spy planes, cargo carriers and helicopters. The PAF veritably places great emphasis on training and education to avoid problems concerning correct personnel readiness and professionalism. The PAF has participated in different conflicts, humanitarian and disaster relief operations; it also cooperates with air forces of various countries. Modernization and upgrade are continuous in order to maintain air superiority and national security.

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Latest Jobs announcement in Pakistan Air Force PAF:

The Pakistan Air Force PAF has just announced a wide range of government employment positions that are now available to candidates from all Pakistani Provinces. We actively urge Pakistani individuals with degrees in subjects ranging from Matric to apply for these interesting job opportunities. You can find important information about these job openings below:

Job Spotlight

DepartmentPakistan Air Force PAF
Job TypeGovernment Job
Required QualificationMatric
Location QuotaAll across the Pakistan
Last Date to Apply14 January 2024

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Current newly announced Job vacant posts in Pakistan Air Force PAF:

Are you join PAF as Airman to join the PAF? Male or female. Well, you’re in luck! If you’re interested in:

PAF have some terrific opportunities for you. So, fasten your seat belt and be prepared to fly with us!

  • In order to qualify for Aero Trades, one must have passed Matriculation in Science with at least 60% marks. 47% in English and at least 33%% score on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. 
  • You should also be in the age bracket of 15 years six months to twenty years old. 
  • Oh, and do not forget about the requirement for height! You must be between 163 cm to 188cm in height.
  • As for PF&DI, the educational requirements are similar to those of Aero Trades. 60% in Science with at least 33 owned herein Physics, Chemistry , Mathematics and 47 pass mark on English. 
  • However, the age limit is slightly different. 16 years 6 months, to 22 years old. 
  • And much like Aerotrades, there is also a height restriction. You should be between 178 CM and up to but not more than the range of eighteen by eight cm.
  • You need to have perfect vision or visual acuity that is six over two, with neither wool on your eyes nor sight problems in just one eye.
  • For the security position, a candidate should have completed Matriculation in Science with more than 50% marks including minimum of 40 % English. 
  • You should also be between 17 years and six months to 22 years old. 
  • As for the height you should be 175 CM to 188 Cm.
  • In addition, your eyesight must be fine almost like 6/six.
  • For the MTD position it is required that you should have obtained your Matriculation in Science, with marks not below 50 % and 45% in English. 
  • You must be between the ags of 17 years six months to 22 yrs your hight should range from 168 CM-and –Herto ft
  • Should have an eyesitght behalfing in tow ridges at a distance on two inches distant.
  • If you are interested in the sportsman position, it is necessary to have a Matriculation pass on Science with at least 60 percent marks. 
  • 15 years 6 months to 20 years is the age category for this role. 
  • In terms of height, you should be ranging from 163 CM to 188CM.

Benefits you will get after joining as Airman in Pakistan Air Force PAF:

  • Competitive Salary and Allowances:
    • PAF pays competitive salaries and also makes provision for allowances, perks to its personnel. These financial gains make the career not only stable but also profitable.
  • Free Medical Facilities:
    • PAF gives free medical services to its members of staff. Comprehensive coverage of healthcare means that both individuals and their families can receive much-need medical care without any extra costs.
  • Accommodation:
    • The PAF normally provides housing facilities to its workforce either within the base or through living allowances. This aids in minimizing the stress of looking for appropriate housing.
  • Retirement Benefits:
    • PAF retirement benefits include pensions and other post-retirement allowances. This ensures that people and their families are financially secure once they fulfill their service.
  • Travel and Adventure:
    • Jobs in the PAF are usually characterized by travel and unique experiences. Visiting different parts of the country or even international assignments may be available for airmen, leading to a sense of adventure.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage:
    • Airmen usually have insurance that covers virtually all situations such as accidents.

Applying method & terms for current job vacancies in Pakistan Air Force PAF:

The job application enrollment procedure at Pakistan Air Force PAF will stay available until the final application deadline of 14 January 2024. Prospective applicants and job seekers should take the following steps to apply for current job openings:

  1. Meet the official website of Pakistan Air Force at for Online Registration . Filling the Online Registration Form is very important. We cordially ask all young people to describe precise and thorough information.
  2. Online Registration Form will be available on January 8th, 2024 through to January 14th 2024.
  3. Alternatively, applicants can also go to the nearest Pak Air Force Recruitment & Selection Center for manual registering. 
  4. Candidates must carefully consider the extensive application procedure and precise eligibility requirements for all open Pakistan Air Force PAF employment vacancies. These specifics may be found in the Job Advertisement document supplied below, which was originally published in Pakistani media. It is critical that candidates get familiar with this material in order to have a successful application process.

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Join PAF as Airman Jobs 2024 Apply Online at
Join PAF as Airman Jobs 2024 Apply Online at

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