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About Punjab Jail Police (Prison Police) (Introduction)

The Punjab province’s Prison Police is the law enforcement organization in charge of running prisons and safeguarding the safety and welfare of prisoners. Please be aware that after my previous update, the organization may have undergone changes or developments.

Latest Jobs announcement in Punjab Police:

The Punjab Jail Police (Prison Police) has just announced a wide range of government employment positions that are now available to candidates from all across Punjab Province. We actively urge Pakistani individuals with degrees in subjects ranging from Intermediate (FA, FSC, ICS), Master to apply for these interesting job opportunities. You can find important information about these job openings below:

Job Spotlight

DepartmentPunjab Jail Police (Prison Police)
Job TypeGovernment Job
Required QualificationIntermediate (FA, FSC, ICS), Master
Location QuotaAll across the Pakistan
Last Date to Apply26 October 2023

Current newly announced Job vacant posts in Punjab Police:

  1. Program Officer:
    1. The Program Officer in Punjab Jail Police is responsible for managing technological initiatives within the prison system, including software application development, IT infrastructure management, data security, staff training, technical issue troubleshooting, and liaising with external IT vendors for support and solutions.
    2. Program Officers must hold a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT, or related fields, and have at least 02 years of practical experience in the relevant field to effectively manage the complexity of technological requirements within a prison system.
    3. The position requires applicants below 35 years old, and the monthly salary for Program Officers is 105,000 Rs, reflecting the specialized knowledge and expertise required for the role.
  2. Data Entry Operator
    1. Data Entry Operators are essential in maintaining accurate and up-to-date records within the prison system. They enter, update, and manage various types of data, ensuring accurate documentation for administrative purposes, prisoner management, and statistical analysis. Effective collaboration with other staff is crucial for ensuring seamless information flow.
    2. Candidates for the Data Entry Operator position must have completed FA/F.Sc education and be under 35 years old. They must also have a six-month computer application diploma, providing practical skills for efficient computer system operation and software utilization for data entry purposes.
    3. The Punjab Jail Police is seeking 75 Data Entry Operator posts, requiring a substantial workforce to manage extensive prison data. The monthly salary for these operators is set at 35,000 Rs, highlighting their crucial role in the smooth functioning of prison administration.

Benefits you will get after getting job in Punjab Jail Police (Prison Police):

  • Wage and Allowances: In addition to a monthly wage, employees frequently receive allowances for things like housing, transportation, and uniforms. The pay scale may be in line with government guidelines.
  • Healthcare Benefits: Employees frequently obtain health insurance or medical coverage for themselves and their families. This covers prescription costs, inpatient stays, and occasionally even dental and vision treatment.
  • Benefits for Retiring: Law enforcement employees frequently have access to a pension plan or provident fund, ensuring their financial security in their golden years.
  • Benefits for Education: Some companies provide scholarships or fee reductions for the children of its employees.
  • Recognition and Awards: Medals, awards, and other types of recognition may be given in recognition of bravery and exceptional performance.
  • Work-Life Balance: Policies that support work-life balance, like fair work hours and the option to occasionally telecommute, can improve employees’ well-being.

Applying method & terms for current job vacancies in Punjab Jail Police (Prison Police):

The job application enrollment procedure at Punjab Police will stay available until the final application deadline of 26 October 2023. Prospective applicants and job seekers should take the following steps to apply for current job openings:

  1. The application process for these positions is straightforward, with the form available for download on the official Prison Department website, www.prisons.punjab.gov.pk. Candidates should fill out the form accurately, ensuring all required fields are filled.
  2. The deadline for submitting applications and necessary documents is October 26, 2023, and late applications may not be considered, so it’s crucial to adhere to this deadline.
  3. Candidates must submit attested copies of their CNIC, domicile certificate, educational certificates, experience certificates, and recent passport-sized photographs to the application form. These documents validate the authenticity of the CNIC, verify residency in the Punjab province, demonstrate qualifications for the position, and showcase relevant work experience. If applicable, candidates should also include relevant experience certificates.


Punjab Police Jobs 2023 Online Apply Punjab Jail Police Jobs
Punjab Police Jobs 2023 Online Apply | Punjab Jail Police Jobs

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